Antirougeurs Fort

‘Antirougeurs Fort’

Avène recently launched the optimized version of their ‘Diroseal’ anti-rosacea cream.

The new incarnation is called ‘Antirougeurs Fort’, and promises ‘relief concentrate for chronic redness’; for ‘sensitive skin, prone to couperose’. As winter usually plagues my skin with the dreaded redness – really, months after Yule tide, I’m still the rednosed reindeer, and I don’t like it a bit!

Although I thought  Diroseal did a good job – I am pretty convinced it halted the redness on my nose and cheeks, but it never really alleviated the already installed rosacea. The regular treatment for this is having it lasered but as my problem is not that serious, I put my bets on the lotions and creams.

Avène, of which I am a big fan, created with ‘Antirougeurs Fort’ a keeper for me! Unlike other creams, it indeed softens the already installed rosacea. Wanting it all to go, is asking for a bit much, but I’m pleased with the effect it has.

It comes in the trademark white and pink  tube, and is, opposed the Diroseal, not green, but white. No perfume, no smell, no irritation. Pure softness in a tube!

5 stars!


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