Apivita Vitamin C Serum

This week’s exciting project consisted of the testing of 4 serums of ‘Apivita’, a Greek brand based on organic ingredients. The lovely thing is they’re all almost 100% organic, so no parabens, silicones, mineral oils and other nasties.

Packaging  is practical and sober: they come in dark bottles (so ingredients like vitamin C won’t oxydate), and contain 15 ml.

Four different varieties are available: one for hydration (with hyaluronic acid), one for radiance, one with a lifting effect and one to battle wrinkles.

After testing all of them, I can honestly say that they’re extremely gentle for the skin, with a pleasant natural smell, and easy to use.

After a rough winter, I felt I could use a pick up, so I focused on their ‘Bilberry and Vitamin c Serum’. It’s great!

Not only it absorbs quickly, but the layers moisturizer and or foundation you might put on top, will blend in without any problem. (No flakes, like some creams and serums cause, when covered with another product)

The promise of a radiant  complexion is definitely not an empty one…

After a few days I noticed an improvement in my ‘winter skin’ – I got the impression that the typical winter fatigue had diminished.

All anecdotal evidence, ofcourse, but research shows that vitamine C is useful for preventing and treating photo aging, so the effects are indisputable . (For those who appreciate some scientific back up:



I mailed Apivita* to ask them the percentage of Vitamin C: it’s 2% of ascorbyl phosphate. A pretty low percentage, but it won’t give the itchiness or irritation that higher doses can cause, nor will it oxidize quickly (higher percentages tend to be less stable, so there is a chance they will expire sooner).

I can definitely recommend it: good quality for a fair price.

*a big thank you to Apivita for the super quick reply!!!


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