Pschitt Magique

Pschitt Magique

French brand Garancia has developed an enzymatic micropeeling, without granules.

You pump the foam in your hand – 2 pumps are enough, which makes that this products lasts forever*- apply it on your face, then wait 30 seconds to rinse it off. Unlike many peels, this one feels  particularly pleasant for sensitive skin. The action comes from enzymes, so it does not require harsh rubbing of gritty stuff onto your face. Just slather it on and wait for the magic to happen.

It’s meant to be used daily, but I found that one or twice applications a week are more than enough to sufficiently exfoliate. I must say I was relieved to discover Pschitt, as with most other exfoliants (even those for reactive skin) I turned red and felt ‘overscrubbed’.

5 stars!

* I bought it 10 months ago, and the bottle still isn’t finished


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