Toning exfoliant with red-currant pulp for sensitive skin (Bio Beauté by Nuxe)

Sometimes a product draws your attention because of the smell, or the packaging. For this exfoliant (of French brand Nuxe’s organic daughter ‘Bio-Beauté) it was actually the name that got me curious. It almost sounds like a smoothie, but turned out to be a very gentle exfoliant.

You apply it on dry skin, rub it well, and rinse it off – the whole procedure is meant to be done once or twice a week.

My skin reacted well on it: nice ‘n soft, no redness, no irritation.

As for the other promise: it’s touted as a toning product, but, honestly, I don’t really believe in them, especially for something that stays on the skin for such a short time. Bit of a funny promise to me…

Still, 4 stars, as it’s lovely regarding texture, fragrance, exfoliant qualities and ingredients (Bio Beauté promises that 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin, and  47,6% come from organic farming).


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