Training Make Up Artist has begun!

Coucou everyone!

Yesterday was a good day…the long anticipated Advanced Make Up Artist Training has started.

Last year, my friend E and I took the Beginner’s Course, and we both TOTALLY fell in love with the whole thing. We were taught basic techniques, the different steps in day and evening make up and got tons of info about products, make up brushes etc etc.

This year, we’ll be focusing on corrective make up, and very specific looks (the smokey eye – which we did last year as well – made a come back. Fun to create, but it’s not my look, I’m afraid…Am still not sure whether I was looking smoking hot, goth, or more  like a smoking ‘n smoldering raccoon…)

The only thing that I find annoying – but I’m almost the only one who seems to suffer from it – is that  my eyes don’t like the constant applying and removing of eye make up…

(I brought some Avène Soothing Serum  to counter irritation of the skin  in the eye area, which helped a lot.  Physiological serum to rinse was helpful too)

Can’t wait for the next session!

Have a glorious beginning of the week y’all!



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