Melascreen – Sun Cream UVA (Ducray)

On my mission to find  a sunscreen that works for me, I came across Melascreen of French brand Ducray. On the packaging, it says: “This sunscreen limits and lightens sun induced hyperpigmentation, extreme conditions, 50+spf, fragrance free, paraben free.”

Ok, it contains a lot of other chemical ingredients, but that’s difficult to avoid in sunscreen (also, I don’t think “chemical” necessarily equals “bad”. Amongst  the ingredients I saw Tinosorb S*, which is supposed to be an effective broad-spectrum UV absorber, absorbing UVB as well as UVA rays. Moreover, it does not contain avobenzone**, which is an ingredient that I have concerns about).

I really wanted this product to be amazing, but unfortunately, for me, it wasn’t. It felt unpleasant on my skin (sticky feeling), was difficult to use under make up, and it gives me break outs.  I’ve been using it as a hand cream, and no trouble there.

As for the lightening of hyperpigmentation (aka brown spots): I don’t suffer from them myself – I bought the product because of the  50+spf-fragrance free-paraben free guarantee – so maybe it has its specific use for these.

To end on a positive note: it offers extremely effective sun protection.




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