NYX – For your eyes only – Sexy Blue Eyes

In their range of eye shadows, NYX offers a selection of 10-Color eye Shadow Palettes. Last year I bought their Champagne & Caviar, for a natural, nude look. Unfortunately, I have only been using the pink and the white shade frequently, as the other colours turned out too brownish for my (blue) eyes.

I liked the texture (only a little bit of fall out, colour stays on nicely, and they’re easy to apply and to blend), and packaging (the latter is really convenient, small case with a mirror that contains a good variety of colours, perfect for on-the-go), so I bought their Sexy Blue Eyes. Having blue eyes, this palette should be a perfect match.

Now, except for the 3 lighter blue tones, and the cream coloured one, it’s not what I was looking for.

Contrary to popular belief, copper and gold are not always ideal for blue eyes, especially if you’re a so-called ‘cool summer type’. Add to that the comment my make up teacher made last year “If you want to use a neutral color, better go for grey; if you really want to use brown shades, go for dark brown. And orange? It can make you look really ill”.

It’s a pity, as I like these warm and golden shades, but they give me a very odd look.

Now I’m soo tempted to buy the ‘I dream of Antigua’ palette… blue and nothing but blue 🙂

Have a great weekend!


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