Skin Analysis

If there is one thing I can recommend to all the skin care aficionados out there, it’s  having your skin professionally analyzed. A few months ago I succumbed to the temptation, and let my pharmacist probe my face with all kinds of tools, in order to find my personal Holy Grail products.

The machine she uses offers several options  but I chose to get my level of hydratation, sebum, elasticity, pigmentation and pH checked.

After each measurement the information is processed, analyzed and you get advice about the specific needs of your skin. In my case, the results were not really surprising, but I got some pointers that were very useful. (I have never been interested in using antioxidant serums, but now I’ve seen the difference they make, I will keep them in my routine. )

If you’re not quite sure about your skin type, this really can put you en route.

Knowing what your skin needs can save you some money, too (think about all the times you came home with creams and lotions that, after being used 3 times, ended up on a shelf, or in your mom’s bathroom).

5 stars


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