Avène – Eluage Eye Contour Care

Being  a big fan of Avène, I would like to share this little gem of their Eluage range.

It’s an anti-aging eye cream which contains Retinaldehyde (a form of Vitamin A, similar to retinoids like Retin A, but without the side effects that some people suffer from) and Hyaluronic Acid Fragments (HAF). The promise on the packaging?  Reducing lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark under eye circles.

I’ve been using it for a while now, and am definitely happy with the results.

It’s a lightweight, non- greasy formula that gets absorbed easily, so totally users’ friendly. (During winter, I noticed it would tingle a bit on very dry days, but it didn’t aggravate my skin)

What I appreciate too is the fact that it comes in a tube, so you don’t have to dip into a pot (germs! :-))

I can’t speak about the effect on real wrinkles (yet), but I notice that fine lines are noticeably reduced when using it daily. (Vitamin A is broken down by sunlight, so best to apply it at night). I am less sure about the effect on signs of tiredness…I think you need a specific formula to tackle that one. (To be honest: in my case, it doesn’t do much for under eye bags)

Still: great stuff, another hit for Avène 🙂

4 stars


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