Niacinamide, ever heard of it?

…I hadn’t, actually, until a few weeks ago.  Niacinamide (a water-soluble vitamin B) has a few interesting qualities: it’s supposed to strengthen the barrier function of the skin, diminish discoloration, treat rosacea and protect the skin against sun damage. There are also indications that it ‘s an anti-aging agent.

With all this, you’d expect it to be easily available, but then I read this at

“…Before everyone makes a mad dash for the shops to buy products containing Niacinamide: the effects of Niacinamide are only seen when concentrations of 4 to 5% are used. If ‘niacinamide’ is not shown in the first third of the ingredients list then it is almost certainly a lower concentration and you won’t really see any effects from this. Sadly a 4–5% concentration is far too expensive for many manufacturers and they prefer to advertise new “unique” ingredients with interesting names (whose effectiveness has not been established!). It remains complicated…”

Looks like the hunt for a good niacinamide cream has begun…

I’ll keep you posted 🙂




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