If you can’t bear the sun, if you have crazy sensitive skin, or if you just like being a pale beauty, this blog  is for you…

While a tan definitely can be a very attractive look, it’s not everyone’s choice.

I favour a wide concept of what is pretty, in which beauty has many incarnations, dark and pale alike.

For me, pale is the way to go, for more than one reason…

I have a slight sun allergy, which doesn’t allow me too much sunlight, but I enjoy having the ‘alabaster skin’ more than trying to pursue a look that is just not for me.

For me, a tan is like trying to wear an armour that doesn’t fit me.

In this blog I’d like to focus on cosmetics and skincare for sensitive skin, but also on products that enhance brightness and luminosity.

(and maybe some other fun stuff that I come across? )


Lots of Love,



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