Let’s talk about ZZZZ…

We all know ofcourse that skin regenerates at night, and we also know that having a certain number of hours of sleep is paramount to feel and function well.

But did you know that there is evidence that skin regeneration peaks between 23.00 and 04.00 h at night? I didn’t, I always thought sleep was just sleep. My attention was drawn to this by Sesame’s article: http://www.vivawoman.net/2010/07/01/5-things-to-know-about-your-skin-at-night/.

Now, I am not good at having sufficient sleep (life is just too interesting too sleep all that much!) but lately I’ve been noticing that I could do with some more. The prospect of feeling more rested and being more alert doesn’t cut it for me, for some reason. But! The promise of diminishing under eye bags and a fresher face…Vanity can be such a great motivator 🙂

So from tomorrow on- it’s Saturday today, chances that I’ll be in bed by 22.30 are pretty non-existent- I do the experiment. This blog will be my tool to keep me accountable, and I will report back on a regular basis.

Let’s see how this pans out…

Have a great weekend y’all!





Another Day of Make Up Artist Training!

And a fun one!

Today was entirely focused on eye make up, more specifically: correcting features like droopy eyelids, protruding eyes etc.

It all sounds soo simple, and when watching the teacher apply the make up, it looks like a piece of cake, but it’s not! In a way, you need to learn to ‘see’ in a whole different way, and then try to remediate what seems disproportionate.

It’s remarkable to see how just a bit of paint can change the look of  a face entirely.

But for now: lots of practicing on the way…(my eyeliner technique is less than stellar and with these techniques, it’s a must)





Training Make Up Artist has begun!

Coucou everyone!

Yesterday was a good day…the long anticipated Advanced Make Up Artist Training has started.

Last year, my friend E and I took the Beginner’s Course, and we both TOTALLY fell in love with the whole thing. We were taught basic techniques, the different steps in day and evening make up and got tons of info about products, make up brushes etc etc.

This year, we’ll be focusing on corrective make up, and very specific looks (the smokey eye – which we did last year as well – made a come back. Fun to create, but it’s not my look, I’m afraid…Am still not sure whether I was looking smoking hot, goth, or more  like a smoking ‘n smoldering raccoon…)

The only thing that I find annoying – but I’m almost the only one who seems to suffer from it – is that  my eyes don’t like the constant applying and removing of eye make up…

(I brought some Avène Soothing Serum  to counter irritation of the skin  in the eye area, which helped a lot.  Physiological serum to rinse was helpful too)

Can’t wait for the next session!

Have a glorious beginning of the week y’all!


Parasol, anyone?


With the sun coming out – finally – I’d like to show my new ‘weapon’ against sunburn…isn’t it lovely???

Can’t wait to try it out!!!

Have a glorious day everyone!