We’re all stars now…

…so we need the appropriate foundation to be ready for our close up:



Skin and Hormones


For those who suffer hyperpigmentation: I came across this article on http://www.vivawoman.net


Seems that PMS not only can wreck your mood, but your skin as well…

Another Day of Make Up Artist Training!

And a fun one!

Today was entirely focused on eye make up, more specifically: correcting features like droopy eyelids, protruding eyes etc.

It all sounds soo simple, and when watching the teacher apply the make up, it looks like a piece of cake, but it’s not! In a way, you need to learn to ‘see’ in a whole different way, and then try to remediate what seems disproportionate.

It’s remarkable to see how just a bit of paint can change the look of  a face entirely.

But for now: lots of practicing on the way…(my eyeliner technique is less than stellar and with these techniques, it’s a must)





NYX – For your eyes only – Sexy Blue Eyes

In their range of eye shadows, NYX offers a selection of 10-Color eye Shadow Palettes. Last year I bought their Champagne & Caviar, for a natural, nude look. Unfortunately, I have only been using the pink and the white shade frequently, as the other colours turned out too brownish for my (blue) eyes.

I liked the texture (only a little bit of fall out, colour stays on nicely, and they’re easy to apply and to blend), and packaging (the latter is really convenient, small case with a mirror that contains a good variety of colours, perfect for on-the-go), so I bought their Sexy Blue Eyes. Having blue eyes, this palette should be a perfect match.

Now, except for the 3 lighter blue tones, and the cream coloured one, it’s not what I was looking for.

Contrary to popular belief, copper and gold are not always ideal for blue eyes, especially if you’re a so-called ‘cool summer type’. Add to that the comment my make up teacher made last year “If you want to use a neutral color, better go for grey; if you really want to use brown shades, go for dark brown. And orange? It can make you look really ill”.

It’s a pity, as I like these warm and golden shades, but they give me a very odd look.

Now I’m soo tempted to buy the ‘I dream of Antigua’ palette… blue and nothing but blue 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Melascreen – Sun Cream UVA (Ducray)

On my mission to find  a sunscreen that works for me, I came across Melascreen of French brand Ducray. On the packaging, it says: “This sunscreen limits and lightens sun induced hyperpigmentation, extreme conditions, 50+spf, fragrance free, paraben free.”

Ok, it contains a lot of other chemical ingredients, but that’s difficult to avoid in sunscreen (also, I don’t think “chemical” necessarily equals “bad”. Amongst  the ingredients I saw Tinosorb S*, which is supposed to be an effective broad-spectrum UV absorber, absorbing UVB as well as UVA rays. Moreover, it does not contain avobenzone**, which is an ingredient that I have concerns about).

I really wanted this product to be amazing, but unfortunately, for me, it wasn’t. It felt unpleasant on my skin (sticky feeling), was difficult to use under make up, and it gives me break outs.  I’ve been using it as a hand cream, and no trouble there.

As for the lightening of hyperpigmentation (aka brown spots): I don’t suffer from them myself – I bought the product because of the  50+spf-fragrance free-paraben free guarantee – so maybe it has its specific use for these.

To end on a positive note: it offers extremely effective sun protection.



Training Make Up Artist has begun!

Coucou everyone!

Yesterday was a good day…the long anticipated Advanced Make Up Artist Training has started.

Last year, my friend E and I took the Beginner’s Course, and we both TOTALLY fell in love with the whole thing. We were taught basic techniques, the different steps in day and evening make up and got tons of info about products, make up brushes etc etc.

This year, we’ll be focusing on corrective make up, and very specific looks (the smokey eye – which we did last year as well – made a come back. Fun to create, but it’s not my look, I’m afraid…Am still not sure whether I was looking smoking hot, goth, or more  like a smoking ‘n smoldering raccoon…)

The only thing that I find annoying – but I’m almost the only one who seems to suffer from it – is that  my eyes don’t like the constant applying and removing of eye make up…

(I brought some Avène Soothing Serum  to counter irritation of the skin  in the eye area, which helped a lot.  Physiological serum to rinse was helpful too)

Can’t wait for the next session!

Have a glorious beginning of the week y’all!


The Aspirin Mask

If you read beauty and skin care related message boards every now and then, you probably know what the DIY aspirin mask is. There are a lot of recipes, but the main ingredients invariably are:

– a few crushed (non coated) aspirins

– a few drops of water

– a few drops of honey (if you’re looking for an astringent effect) or aloe vera (to soothen the skin)

Sometimes yoghurt or moisturizer are added, depending on the likes and needs of the user.

The mask caught my attention after I had been asked  a question by a very nice sales lady, who helped me try out a new foundation: “Have you just had a treatment? The pores on your nose are really wide open.”

Nooo, I did not just have a treatment! So (ofcourse) the slightly manic mission that day was finding something to fix My Wide Pores.  I was looking for a cosmetic/ skin care product, but a few Googles later everything seemed to point in the direction of the aspirin mask. As it even got rave reviews of the sensitive skin community, I decided to give it a try.

The procedure is a bit messy: you make the concoction, apply it where needed, wait for about 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse of with lukewarm water. My mixture contained honey, which made it very sticky.

Although my skin felt really soft and not irritated (slightly red, but that didn’t last for long) I was not convinced of the astringent properties. I repeated the procedure a few times (always with 5 days in between, as I could imagine it can be pretty rough when used frequently) but the effect was minimal.

My Wide Pores probably did benefit a little bit, but I find it too much of a hassle for the minimal results I got.

Not my thing, I’m afraid. Does anyone else has had better results with it?


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